Who Has More Leverage, Ezekiel Elliott or the Dallas Cowboys?

ARLINGTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 30: Ezekiel Elliott #21 of the Dallas Cowboys talks with owner Jerry Jones before the game against the Detroit Lions at AT&T Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

I’d like to start this conversation off with saying, that I am PRO players getting their money in the sport of football. Considering there aren’t any guaranteed contracts, short tenures, and the long lasting physical tolls athletes take.

With all this being said, I believe that the Dallas Cowboys have full control of this hold out. However, I understand why the timing of this holdout is important to Zeke. Zeke has heavy usage and is the center piece of the Cowboys offense. Heck for that case, their defense too. Zeke pounding keeps them, the Defense, fresh! Zeke also has been a weekend away from being suspended from day 1.

What is Zeke’s real trade value in today’s NFL Market? Who in the NFL at this point and time going to give him the type of money he will demand? His production is almost a doubled-edged sword. The NFL history of high usage backs and typical decline going into 4th year. Think of the likes of Larry Johnson, Arian Foster, and many others…I know that there are exemptions like Adrian Peterson and others, but here’s the difference…His off the field incidents! They are certainly an achilles tendon in his leverage for negotiations.

Considering such risks, knowing that you will have to pay Dak and Amari, a two year early demand by Zeke shouldn’t be the Cowboys priority. You remember those years at QB after Troy Aikman until finally getting Tony Romo? There’s a LONG laundry list of names, so many that you may not remember Quincy Carter, Randall Cunningham (aged Randall), Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testeverde (aged), Drew Henson, Jon Kitna (aged), and a few others. The same could be said for finding a number one WR.

What the Cowboys have been able to do, they are able to find Running backs! Demarco Murry, Marion Barber, Julius Jones, Tashard Choice, Darren McFadden…So they know they can get backs that can put up numbers and carries behind their line. Dallas knows they have the upper hand. Zeke, I ain’t mad at ya for trying!

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