• Professional Football Coach and Scout
  • Professional Principal Actor- Union and Non-UnionĀ 
  • Sports Casting Director-Union and Non Productions
  • Sports Movie Technical Advisor
  • Sports Movie Stunt and Performance Choreographer
  • Production Assistant

Ja’Donn “JD” Harris began his career in the world of College and Professional Football. He has coached both Nationally and Internationally. Additionally, Mr. Harris started his company, Hi-Intensity Sports Concepts, training and developing athletes.  During this time, JD, was exposed to the world of Media. Either from being on the sideline during a Chicago Bears or Cleveland Browns game, to being on set when shows such as “Early Edition” and MTV’s “Road Rules” stopped by to film and was in the background, or joining in on different Sports Talk Shows. Mr. Harris, has also been invited to be a motivational speaker for schools and organizations around the country.


These experiences conjured a curiosity in JD, that had been suppressed since his early childhood. Instead of just keeping it as a thought, Coach Harris did what he’s always done, put things into action! He began doing background work, college catalog covers, and whatever projects he could to gain experience in the world of commercial acting and print.

At times he’s found himself on jobs where art has imitated life, from being a coach for Visa Checkout for the Arizona Cardinals to work as both an Actor and Assistant Casting Director for Verizon’s Gridiron virtual reality football game, in which he plays an official.

Yet he has not, or as he’s said, will limit himself to just football roles, but will happily accept them ;)! He has expanded himself to different roles in commercials, and now is preparing to take part in roles outside of commercials, but now exploring projects on television shows and movies. In addition, he hosts a weekly show on Voice America called the “The Man Cave”. The “Man Cave” features many of his friends and former colleagues, as they broach topics such as Sports, Men’s Health, Fashion, Entertainment and Social Issues. He also works as a sports insider for Voice America.