CLEVELAND, OH – NOVEMBER 06: Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on from the sideline in the first half against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 6, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Just know, I was the 1st to say this, Tony Romo should be the Cowboys’ New Head Coach. “Really?” some would ask….Yes!!!! Here’s why…

  1. Jerry Jones is and will ALWAYS be a ‘Hands’ on Captain of the Cowboys ship! Who better to ride the waves with Jerry off into the Sunset, other than his ‘non-biological’ favorite son?
  2. Tony ‘Nostradamus’ of Football has been on point with his analysis of play-by-play of all the games he’s foretold the past two seasons. Almost, without error.
  3. Romo still has a good grasp of the assistants that are under contract, equipment, trainers, and the entire Cowboys organization. Guess, what? He also has met and studied a great deal of teams from his current position, which he’s certainly obtained some intel.
  4. He already has a working relationship with Dak, Zeke, most of the OL. This well hail benefits because he knows overall what they’ve been taught as professionals. Heck, he’s probably showed them some things himself… Also, his understanding of the Defensive staff and personnel is a huge help.
  5. Romo knows the culture of the Cowboys and ingratiated into that culture.
  6. He’d keep Cowboy Nation happy. Although, I think they are already happy to know that Jason Garrett is more than likely off into the Sunset as coach! However, he could follow his father’s footsteps in the organization and have a strong role in Personnel. Which wouldn’t surprise me.
  7. More than likely he’d be a “Players” Coach, and would likely draw some free-agents that would be on board with this arrangement.
  8. He’d find a place on staff for Jason Witten and the gang would all be back together.
  9. He knows football, he’s likable, fits the current coaching trend, Cowboy Nation loves him, and most important…So does Jerry!